Mobile oven type rotomolding machine, rotomolding oven machine

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The company is an enterprise specializing in the manufacture of machinery and rotomolding equipment, mechatronics equipment, industrial automation control systems, etc. It has senior engineers who have been engaged in mechanical design for more than 20 years, and have engaged in industrial automation control system design for more than 10 years. Industrial control experts, strong technical force, the control system of each type of equipment is independently developed by us, and the control of each type of equipment is thoughtfully designed for the user to be simple, convenient, fast and efficient.

According to market demand, we have developed equipment that can produce various special-shaped plastic parts, integrating the technology and wisdom of machinery and industrial control experts, with the concept of low carbon, environmental protection and energy saving. Bold innovation, a number of technical improvements, self-developed high-start control system, and a more streamlined mechanical structure, so that the equipment has high performance and low price. The control system of each device is unique. It can also provide mechanical and control system technical transformations for the old equipment in the past, so that the old equipment can be radiated with new functions and produce greater benefits.

We have the technical force that can meet the technical requirements of users in a short time and realize the desire of tailor-made equipment for users. Our company is a young company, our team is a young team, but we have senior technology and rich experience. We are energetic, dare to innovate, dare to explore, work rigorously, down-to-earth, every piece of equipment is carefully built and carefully debugged. Strive to be able to settle down and install before production.

We are full of confidence in the future, optimistic and positive, anxious for what users are anxious, think about what users think, user satisfaction is our goal, and do our best to seek more benefits for users. We also hope to get the support and understanding of users, so that our enterprise can develop faster and return to the majority of users better.

Our tenet: pragmatic and innovative, honesty, customer first, seek a win-win situation, and develop together.

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