[Knowledge sharing]What does rotational molding mainly produce?

According to the characteristics of rotational molding process, rotational molding is mainly used to form and manufacture central control plastic products, and can also be used to apply to powder lined plastic products.

In daily life, there are many kinds of plastic products that can be produced by rotational molding. Traffic isolation piers, incubators, models, slides, car shells, water tanks and storage tanks can also be seen everywhere in airports, stations, highways, department stores and major business centers.

Generally, rotational molding has one feature, that is, it must be hollow. Usually, the products we see, such as bottles, boxes, cans and boxes made of plastic, although they are of different sizes and states, are basically hollow plastic products.

How does rotational molding take shape

His whole manufacturing process principle and process are not complex, mainly including feeding, heating, cooling and demoulding. After such a production process, a hollow product is produced. What else do you want to know about rotational molding? Please communicate with us and share our website with those who need it. We will always update the rotational molding knowledge.

Post time: Sep-28-2021