Rotomolding application—steel lining plastic

Steel-lined plastic is based on ordinary steel pipes, lined with thermoplastic plastic pipes with excellent chemical stability. After cold-drawn composite or rotomolding, it not only has the mechanical properties of steel pipes, but also has the corrosion resistance and anti-scaling properties of plastic pipes. It is not easy to grow microorganisms and is an ideal pipeline for transporting acid, alkali, salt, corrosive gas and other media.

Rotomolding is currently widely used in steel-lined plastics such as seawater pipelines, chemical storage tanks, and chemical pipelines. The materials that can be used are PE, ETFE, F40, PO, etc.
Rotomolding currently has more than ten equipment used on steel-lined plastics, including various types of tower rotation, shuttle, and oven swing rotomolding machines suitable for large pipes.
The Shuttle 2500 that we installed in Taiwan last year is specifically used to produce ETFE lining plastic production. Because of the high melting point of the material, the equipment adopts the American Maxson burner, which can reach a combustion temperature of 450 degrees. According to the customer’s production needs, the program can also set 24 heating temperature, time and internal and external shaft speed in the same heating process. Compared with ordinary equipment, we have made customized improvements in the design and material selection of the drying tunnel and the load-bearing capacity of the rotating arm according to the product and material characteristics. The overall equipment has excellent high temperature resistance. After 12 hours of uninterrupted 450 degree high temperature test, the rotary arm drying tunnel is working normally. The temperature of the overall oven is very average, and the load-bearing capacity of the boom is also high. At present, the equipment has been put into production for nearly 2 years, and the equipment has been very stable, and the customer’s evaluation is high.

Post time: Jun-24-2019