Shuttle Rotomolding Machine,plastic shuttle rotomolding machine

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1. The purchase cost of rotomolding machines of the same specification is relatively low;

2. Suitable for the production of large and super large rotomolding products;

3. Suitable for simultaneous production of products with large differences in the time of each molding stage;

Shuttle machine features

Shuttle rotomolding machine is a kind of machine suitable for different production process requirements, product differentiation of large, small batch, medium and large products. Continuous production when changing molds, small footprint, is a practical machine.

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Mechanical part

· Fully assembled and modularized design and manufacturing of equipment;

· Cylindrical oven with high space utilization rate and low heat absorption;

· Anti-deformation design of oven door to improve safety;

· Real-time monitoring of oven temperature to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency;

Oven: CAE analyzes all areas to provide uniform gas and uniform temperature; through CAE test and verification, the temperature in the oven is uniform, the hot air is blown into the oven through the circulating fan under the drying tunnel, and the excess hot air can flow into the drying tunnel through the top suction port.

Drying tunnel: ① Suction on the lower outlet, which is not easy to accumulate powder and avoid dust and fire; ② The interior of the drying tunnel is all stainless steel, which is durable; ③ The dual-cooling system of the thermal circulation fan, long-lasting and stable output.

Boom bearing: mechanical CAE analysis.

Rotary arm ventilation function: adjust the uniformity of wall thickness; waste gas recycling and environmental protection device to reduce waste gas emissions and improve the workshop environment.

Combustion System

Optional combustor (Weiser in Germany, Maxson in the United States), suitable for natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, diesel, and electric heating.

Control System

PLC system: Siemens Ethernet, line standardization, general panel, PLC control, three-stage heating, each arm can be individually set for three different heating temperature, time, internal and external shaft speed, circulating air volume setting parameters.

Cooling function: cooling, delay, water mist, air cooling multi-stage setting;

Storage function: store the production parameters of the corresponding product; fix the position of the disassembly and assembly station to improve the efficiency of disassembly and assembly;

Disassembly and assembly process: wireless remote control of the rotating arm, safe and efficient;


Production can also be carried out during mold change;

Materials that can be produced: PE XPE PP PA PA6 PA12 100% recyclable materials.


1. Real-time monitoring of temperature inside and outside the mold (optional):

① Real-time transmission of temperature changes in the mold during heating and molding;

② Real-time monitoring of the temperature of the material during thermoforming;

③ Monitoring the melting of materials and the influence on the materials;

④ Monitor the temperature at different positions of the mold; (in-mold temperature, mold temperature, upper part of the mold, lower part of the mold)

⑤ Real-time detection of the temperature of each temperature measurement point inside and outside the mold during heating molding;

⑥ Real-time transmission of temperature during product cooling.

2. Secondary feeding system (optional):

① Production of multi-layer products ② Production of camouflage and other multi-color ③ PE foaming can be realized.

3. Automatic orientation function (optional function): local thickening can be done, deep cavity products can be used to improve thickness, camouflage products can be used

4. Automatic feeding and weighing system (optional)

5. Safety protection for disassembly and assembly station (optional)

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